The greatest teacher you will ever have is the life you have been given, unfolding moment by moment, before your eyes.” Steve Hasenberg

I am a spiritual psychotherapist, an artist, a writer, a shaman and a life-long mediator. In my work, I help clients to experience their true nature and align with their life’s purpose. Recently, I have been gifted with the ability to reveal the light of each client’s soul to allow them to open their heart and heal parts of their life they couldn’t access before.

I have devoted much of my life to studying the wisdom traditions of many cultures and integrating them into the framework of Western Psychology. My therapy sessions draw from Buddhist mindfulness and meditation practices, heart science, cognitive behavioral therapy and Shamanism.

Sometimes we work on opening the heart or reframing life stories. Other times we focus on manifestation; intending a financial success or meeting a future partner. Each session is unique and is done in a loving, compassionate environment that allows my clients to live with greater clarity, self-confidence and mastery. Changes occur very rapidly because we tune in to our True Self and utilize that unlimited, eternal energy at the core of our Being for profound healing of the mind, body and spirit.

As an artist, I focus on abstract compositions that attempt to capture the movement of Being as it takes on infinite forms. Much of my inspiration for painting comes from the ecstatic poetry of Rumi and Hafez. My paintings attempt to capture the freedom that comes from living outside of time, while dancing to the endless songs of the divine.

My newest project is called Secrets of the Universe; Walking the Conscious Path. This will be a series of you tube videos that will synthesize all of my psychological and spiritual work over the last thirty-five years. Each video will reveal a deep insight into the spiritual fabric of the universe that will enhance the journey of Enlightenment.